About our good life

For those who are interested the next few pages in this section are all about us, so where does one start? How about our location.

First up, location location location…

We live in an old Victorian terraced house located in Tilehurst, a suburb on the outskirts Reading, situated in Berkshire, UK. We are only a couple miles away from the town centre and live in between a small green belt that runs across Tilehurst. The surrounding residential areas are fairly built up, but with patches of green land interspersed. A couple of miles South West there is Hosehill Lake and nature reserve which plays a big part in the diversity of our local bird life.

For an urban location, we are fortunate to have plenty of trees on both sides of our home, to encourage local wildlife. In addition to the squirrels, we have a fairly diverse selection of birds and we have even spotted a little Roe Deer!

The all important Garden…

Veg seeds being planted

Sherrie planting our veg seeds

We have a fairly small front and rear garden that’s no more than 40ft in length, with which we try to maximise every square inch for all of our plant life, leaving a little space for grass and a patio. We try to manage a companion garden, cramming in us many food crops as possible, whilst ensuring we maintain a wide array of flowering plants to encourage all the beneficial bugs and bees.

It might sound impressive, but we have a long way to go to become fully self-sufficient and we are nowhere near a complete working garden like the TV show The Good Life. If we could afford to move to a more rural location with plenty of land, we would in a heartbeat. For the time being will do what we can, with what we have!

Our good life going further…

Providing we can get permission and our neighbours are happy we have thinking about potentially investing in a few chickens or maybe even bees. These are all grand design ideas, now we have to make them a reality on a very small budget!

We do hope that some of this is of interest to you and if you would like to more please use the links below:


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