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What does anyone say when they write a short webpage bio, first things first I guess…introductions!

Let’s start with my wonderful wife Sherrie, a small, feisty born and bred Yorkshire Lass! Without her I would certainly not be the man I have become today and she is the centre of my world. My name is Piers, a Berkshire lad who was always searching for the positives in life, however these days I consider myself more of a concerned citizen stumbling over mountains of doubt.

How we met, briefly…

sherrie and piers honeymoon

Sherrie & Piers on their honeymoon

It was by pure chance, a series of life’s little decisions that brought us together, many of which our friends had made leading to our paths colliding, that we had almost no influence over what-so-ever. Many of which led us all to taking our vacations on the Greek Island of Rhodes back in 2002, where we met in a little bar called Mambo on the (dare I say it) Falaraki strip. If it were not for the chance decisions of our friends we would have never met and before I go off on a nostalgic love story, I will simply say, if you are interested we have plenty more of our story on Our Greek wedding website.

Who are we and what do we do…

Well in the interest of keeping it short and sweet here is a quick overview.

Sherrie has worked in office admin for many years now, but has finally left the office rat race and started her own online business crafting beautiful handmade greeting cards. Her business is called Looney Lizard Creations.

After Uni, I worked for several different companies working both on in-house and on B2B marketing communications. I specialised in digital design, from product interfaces, email marketing to developing websites and since leaving full time employment, I have been working for myself running my own business (digital-zest.com). For many years I was running it alongside full time employment, but back in 2009 my current employer made our entire department was made redundant and ever since I have been flying solo. Yes yes I know my business website seriously needs a redesign, but it keeps getting left by the wayside….

That’s about it and like every onion; there are countless layers that can be peeled back if you want to find out more.

Piers & Sherrie

Contacting us

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