Our concerns

What concerns? its just a little bump in the road i here you say.


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I am sure many will disagree and blindly believe that the health of the system is fine and nothing will or can change to any serious degree, after all haven’t we evolved so much from the times of old, that how can we make those mistakes again! One thing I have learnt throughout my short lifetime is that history always repeats itself and that we do not learn from our mistakes when greed and power are factored into the equation. There is no fair equilibrium in human nature!

If you disagree with our point of view, it does not mean that the ideas expressed here are not worth being considered or even debated with any of our peers. In the interest of “trying” to keep this short, there is plenty we have learnt to strongly support our concerns that we may touch on in the future. There is a wealth of online resources available we will reference as our blog grows.

We hope that our blog is of interest to you and look forward to hearing your ideas and debating opinions! Let’s at least have the discussion!

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