Why have we created this blog?

We are both very creative and have a keen interest in gardening and growing your own, for which we have been doing for many years now casually. Since the financial crisis, life, finances and quality of life has been getting harder for everyone in the bottom 99%. It is always much more noticeable when you work for yourself as there is no guarantee you will have generated enough money to pay yourself each month to cover the ever inflating bills. As the current state of affairs have been getting tougher and accelerating at a downward pace, we have been keen to improve our resilience in these troubling times.

Economy under pressure

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Over the last few years, we have been on an incredibly sharp learning curve to understand many of the reasons why we are all in this mess, created by the greedy few. Yes I am talking about the bankers, the politicians and the so called regulators that govern and control the life blood of any society, the money! If you look beyond the mainstream fluff we are saturated with daily and open your mind to so called “fringe” ideas, you will find a wealth of information and perspectives that challenges the status quo, with facts and figures that contradict everything we are force fed from the powers that be.

Putting the global crisis aside, resilience can only be a good thing…

Aside from the terrible floods we have had last year, in the UK we are lucky enough not to experience the really extreme weather events, as we have seen on the increase in the last couple of years. People generally do not realise how important it is not to rely completely on a system that can fracture or even break without having some form of contingency “just in case”.

Tom and Barbara we will never be

The good life

Tom & Barbara Good
from the British TV show The Good Life

We realised that if we were to financially survive this “meltdown” then we had to change the way we live from a consumption/materialistic based lifestyle to a resilient and sustainable way of life. This does not mean we will become Tom and Barbara in the classic British TV Show Good life, but it does mean that we need to modify our behaviour and become more efficient with what we have. We still want to enjoy those little luxuries in life, but approaching it in a different way, that is realistic on a tight budget.

So our first step was to get stuck into some books and learn how we could make these changes through learning new skills and having a greater understanding of what we can achieve.

The shift in current trends to old traditions and lost skills

It is a shame that there are so many traditions and skills that have been lost throughout the industrial age and have slowly started to fade away. Many, if not most of the lost arts can continue to benefit us all moving forward, providing we are willing to pick them up and give them a go. Every new skill we learn will always be useful, have value and have a constructive purpose in life. I know we are not the only ones to have noticed a shift in trends toward this direction through books and television shows being produced.

It is always a struggle for us to find the time to learn these new skills, on many occasions you just feel like giving up….but it has always been drilled home that if at first you don’t succeed, then try try again!

What do we know? We are not experts…

patched piggy bank

Poor old piggy bank

Now we both confess that we certainly DO NOT have all the answers and we are far from being experts, but what this blog is all about, is what we have done and what we are doing moving forward. It’s effectively an online diary of what we have learnt and how we intend to prosper through potentially a very bleak looking future. We still have a long way to go, but we hope that what we will have learnt and continue to learn on our journey is helpful to you in some way.

We hope to enrich people’s lives through sharing what we have learnt, through this period of uncertainty. So here it is, two people living in a modern urban society still trying to live the good life, scrimping on a frugal budget.

Piers & Sherrie

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