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Fun moving soil to the back garden

tonne of soil

Shifting a tonne of soil

This looks like it’s going to be hard work; it’s a lot of soil to shift from the roadside to our back garden lol. We knew when we ordered a tonne of soil that we would have to move it to the back garden ‘manually’ ourselves with a couple of spades and a wheelbarrow, as we have no access for deliveries. Damn!!

All these great ideas always seem to result in a little missing forethought on just how we are going to move the materials from point A to B. The rest of the construction/ideas have been planned and thought through, just not the deliveries. It was only a couple of weeks ago we had to shift 402 bricks into the back garden using exactly the same old trusty wheelbarrow, our work horse! Since then it’s carried 5 bags of gravel, 2 bags of cement and at least 10 bags of sand. It would be nice to think that it carried all of this on it’s own, but NO someone had to lift and push it.

Oh well, nothing like a load of hard graft! Just hope the tyre holds out under all the pressure, its feeling a bit soft lol.



Growing food in an urban setting

Growing food in raised beds is easy!

Just came across this post on the Waltons blog and thought it was worth a quick share… for all those urban dwellers who would like to grow their own food at home, but dont think they have the space. It’s a short and sweet start up guide for those who need a little nudge to get started! 🙂


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