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Our first post on our new blog

Well we have almost finished setting up our new blog, still some work to do before it is officially live but i figured we might as well say hello to the world! I doubt this message will get very far and its not very interesting but hey, we all have to start somewhere!!

It’s amazing just how much needs to be done to setup a wordpress blog, there are so many things to do! I know i probably spend too much time on making sure it looks pretty, when i should be writing some interesting posts, hmmm we will get there soon….well we have plenty of written draft posts, but need to get publishing them!

Where to start…maybe a cuppa might help get the brain into gear, maybe i am just procrastinating! yup sounds like the latter.

Right, i suppose we had better do something productive with our saturday morning and finish working on this blog site. Byeeee for now!



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